WH Control Arms are made of pressed steel or aluminium as the main material and lined with hard alloy.

This ensures that you have maximum stability the reducing the amount of movement and vibration.

You are also assured of the perfect wheel balance. To enable to easily fit to the car, all WH control arms are made with a direct linearization design.

The bushings on the other hand have durable rubbers with both the inner and outer sleeves made of metal.

This guarantees you a well suspended car with a quite ride.

For stable, quality, strong, reliable and easy to fit control arms then look no further.

WH control arms will ensure that you enjoy a quiet ride thanks to these features:

  • Pressed steel or aluminium material that has been lined with alloy for maximum stability and reduced vibration
  • Direct linearization design for easy fit and fixing
  • Rubber bushings with metallic sleeves for noise reduction and durability
  • Excellent car suspension with the perfect wheel balance

The Gallery Of WH Manufactured Control Arms

Fitting PositionFront Control Arm
OEM No.54501JA00B
Fitting PositionFront Lower Control Arm
OEM No.48066-29225
Fitting PositionRight Front Lower Control Arm
OEM No.48630-0K040
Fitting PositionFront Upper Control Arm
OEM No.48068-29265
Fitting PositionFront Lower Arm
OEM No.48068-BZ010
Fitting PositionFront Lower Suspension Arm
OEM No.48068-06080
Fitting PositionRear Lower Control Arm
OEM No.48620-0N010
Fitting PositionRear Upper Control Arm
OEM No.48068-42050



What are lower control arms?

Lower Control Arms are designed to connect the suspension of a car to its frame.

They are connected to the wheels of a car through ball bearings and to the frame of the car through bushings.

What is a control arm?

A Control Arm is a hinged suspension that serves as a join between the framework and the hub of an automotive vehicle. It is also known as A-arm.

How to replace a control arm?

For replacing a Control Arm, follow the following steps:

  • Place a jack under control arm to relieve the pressure
  • Remove the cotter pin and loosen the ball joint using  wrench
  • Holding pressure on the ball joint, strike the rod wall with a hammer, this will discharge the taper fit knob from the rod.
  • Remove the ball joint nut
  • Lift the control arm from spindle
  • After removing both nuts, remove the control arm
  • Now install the new control arm in the frame by matching the new one with the old one to ensure proper fit
  • Now replace both of the bolts into their place
  • Tighten the nuts
  • Insert the ball joint and the cotter pin and tighten using  wrench
How to replace a lower control arm?

The replacement procedure of Lower and Upper Control Arms is almost the same. In order to replace a lower control arm, you need to remove cotter pins and ball joints using wrench.

Then holding the ball joint apply pressure on the rod with hammer in order to remove nuts from the ball joint.

Then remove the lower control arm and replace it with the new one. Replace the bolts back and insert ball joint and cotter pin to finish replacing a lower control arm.

How to install lower control arm?

Lower Control Arm can be installed by removing cotter pins followed by ball joints removal.

Then place the lower control arm into the position and after reassuring that it fits properly, place the bolts and nuts in to their position.

How to change upper control arm?

In order to change the upper Control Arm, you need to place the car on the jack to release the pressure and then use a wrench to loosen the bolts. After opening bolts, remove the cotter pins and ball joints.

Make sure that you clean out the dust there and grease it well before removing in order to make the job easy.

The hold the control arm and apply pressure on it using a hammer.

Then remove the old control and arm and place the new one there.

Now replace the bolts and ball joint.


Ball Joint
Ball Joint
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Contorl Arm
Contorl Arm
WH Control Arms are made of pressed steel or aluminium as the main material and lined with hard alloy.
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Sway Bar Link
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Tie Rod End
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