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RUIAN WUHUAN is a leading manufacturer of Ball joints, Control arms, Stabilizer links, Suspension bushings, Strut Mount, Rubber Buffer for Suspension, Axial Rod, Tie Rod End, Center Link and Tie Rod Assembly all over the China. Complete production cycle is adopted from the raw material acquisition to conversion to final form…Learn more

Profeesional & Reliable

WUHUAN has maintained a noble reputation throughout the career by the provision defect free, reliable suspension & steering parts as well as nice dealing with the Clients. Short time delivery without compromising the excellence of suspension parts is also its specialty.


wh is committed to supply the best quality product

ball joint1

Ball Joint

The metal gusher bearings of WH Ball Joint that have been powered and the greased grooves that reduce the level of wear.

control arm1

Control Arm

WH Control Arms are made of pressed steel or aluminium as the main material and lined with hard alloy.

stabilizer link1

Sway Bar Link

Designed with low friction sockets, WH Sway Bar Links will give your vehicle the much needed stiffness and strength.


Committed to deliver the best quality


Outer Tie Rod End

Made with excellent quality alloy steel,WH Outer Tie End Rods are made to give you a long time of service. The hardened ball joint housing sockets made of carbon steel ensures that you enjoy a car that has good torque, high durability and strength.

rack end1

Inner Tie Rod End

WH Inner Tie Rod End are sure of maximum accuracy and the ability to withstand extensive weight. The synthetic grease applied to the tie end rods also prevents friction, while the connection threads are produces with utmost precision for easy mounting.

How We Make Your Product


Roughcast Forge

1. Cut out the steel into the required size by cutting machine
2. Transfer the barstock into heating furnace to heat by automatic feeder
3. Then the forging operators forge heated bar into required shape.
4. Transfer the shaped-roughcast parts to the insulation moving trailer, and turn to the next process.


CNC Machining Process

1.Fix blank parts on the CNC lathe.
2.A special tool is used in cutting steering ball joint blank, as well as grinding & mirror finish.
3.After continuously CNC machining process, our blanks turn into high-precision & finish semi-finished products.

 We also have multiple selection of surface treatment & processing for custom service, which can satisfy our customers’ diverse requirement for their own brand.

Benevolent People Words

  • For the first time in a long time, I can rest easy as far as my auto parts business is concerned.This company not only manufactures quality products but has been consistent in it. My customers are now settled in their needs for suspension parts and I am a gratified retailer of their products. I am proud to be associated with this company.

  • The stabilizer link was the first part that I purchased from WH manufacturer and since then I am officially hooked.Whenever I need an suspension & steering parts, this is my first stop thanks to the high quality, sturdy and stylish parts. The prices are also pocket friendly. I highly recommend their parts.

  • Amazing is the word that I would use to describe this company. Having been disappointed by parts from other companies, I can comfortably state that I have found a home.All the suspension parts that I have purchased from them have served me and my customers well and their quality is top notch.If you are looking for any suspension part for your automobile, then you are in the right place.

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