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Development Vision
Pursuing excellence and building a world-class chassis accessory enterprise
The Mission of Development
Focusing on automotive parts, making the journey worry free
Improve core competitiveness and continuously create maximum value for customers
Corporate values
Moving forward with the times (embracing change and daring to innovate)
Create value together with customers (customers are both heaven and earth)
Develop together with employees (create and share, ordinary people do extraordinary things)
Development goals
Realizing team dreams, achieving win-win cooperation, and promoting social development
Corporate Purpose
Patriotic, law-abiding, dedicated, and dedicated

Rui'an Wuhuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. The company mainly engages in high-end automotive chassis accessories such as steering system ball joints, balance bars, swing arms, etc. The company has a professional production and technical team, testing equipment, precision CNC machines, semi-automatic production equipment, and assembly equipment. The company always wins the trust of customers with integrity, innovation, professionalism, and service. Our main customers include well-known domestic and foreign automotive supporting suppliers. After several years of training in the automotive parts industry, we have gained a lot and accumulated a lot of experience. Facing the future, we will adhere to honest management, serve wholeheartedly, create greater value for customers, and develop together with all employees. We will work hand in hand with friends, sail in the same boat, and forge ahead with determination!

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